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What links Africa with Japan? Perhaps the writing of a lover of both...

Welcome to my blog. いらっしゃいませ 。


After several months of thinking, I am finally putting my words, black on white, on this blog.

Welcome to my world of sharing! And thank you for your time, if you happen to be on this page or if you made it here on purpose. Please stay, until the end of the post at least, I hope the reading will be an enjoyable journey.

In these times of world-wide-web overwhelmed by ‘hate’ and instant messaging, Between Africa and Japan (BAaJ) aims to be about Love, Passion and taking time, to think, read, thence write. The Love and Passion that I harbour (and entertain) for the world we live in and its different geographies, being these of cultural, economical, musical, scientific and ethno-medical nature.

What links Africa with Japan?

Numerous things, you may think, if you are not here by chance.

Or you may still wonder... Well, hopefully, this blog will help address your question, post after post.

For this first, short post, please accept this short answer:

Perhaps the writing of a lover of both.

Enjoy the journey and thanks for being here!


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